Mapping your future

I spend considerably large amount of my time mapping my future. By that, I mean making plans on my career, holidays, family, finance etc. I am not sure why I do that but it seems like I have this innate impatience within me that I cannot live without knowing where or what I want to be in the near future. I actually start to find the process rather exhausting and yet, I can’t seem to stop myself doing it. Sadly, I even find joy planning things 2 years ahead.The reason why I start to reflect upon this is because I am in the midst of changing jobs. In fact, I am one month away from stepping into my dream job but I am almost 3 years behind in my plan. So much so about proper planning, there are so many contingencies that, sometimes, it is almost as though fate is the dictating factor. Just a little thought. Still, I am happy about the change, just that it comes a little late, but better than never. 🙂

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