Marianis is closing on the 15th October

Marianis De Gardening
Marianis, an Italian restaurant located in De Garden Ipoh, is closing sooner than I thought it would. Well actually they are moving to Greentown, a bungalow house, not quite packing up shop. Previously I heard that they are closing end of this year. So mid October is sooner than I expected. Location wise De Garden is not bad, and Marianis is located facing the main road. But business is just not up to expectation I guess. I think more to do with the food being rather pricy for Ipoh standard. I rather like to have beer there during happy hours, as they give 25% discount on beers. A bottle of Hoegaarden costs just over RM10 (you still need to pay 10% service charge and 6% GST on top of that though mind you). I think it will be a struggle for me to find another bar in Ipoh Garden where I can pay this kind of price.

So looks like it might be afterall better for Marianis to be closer to the office workers in Greentown. But according to its staff the new place is rather hidden away so we will see how it gets on there. For a start the owner bought the bungalow, so Marianis can “do away” with the expensive rental which apparently is RM9k a month in De Garden. They will however need to do more marketing, and it takes time to build its name there, being rather hidden away. I’m no fan of their food so won’t travel there just for a beer. All the best nevertheless.

updated 8th October 2015:
marianis greentown address
Here you go, their new address in Greentown.

3 thoughts on “Marianis is closing on the 15th October”

    1. its just at the back of parkson from the old entrance, it’s quite easy to find. Went there for the first time, the food wasnt that bad but their service need a whole lot of improvement.

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