Mixed rice 雜飯

Food is indeed so much more conveniently available in Malaysian than in the U.K. One of the best places for me to get my lunch is to going to a mixed rice stall 雜飯檔. You get a wide selection of dishes you can choose from to put on your plate of rice. Most often I’ll go for one that serves mostly Chinese dishes. Sometimes I’ll go to a mamak stall to eat nasi kandar, which is pretty much the same, but with more curry selections, and it is halal. Anyway it’s very satisfying. I don’t need to cook, it is cheap, and I’m happy, most of the time, with the food I get to eat. Today I found this shop close to where I live that serves a lot of Teochew food. I’m a Teochew, so ya it’s nice, to have another shop to choose from for lunch from now on. You see I don’t like spending a lot of time on food. One of the sources of frustration when I was in the U.K. was it’s a headache to fill up my tummy. My work place had a canteen so I’d normally just eat lunch there. I’m not such a fussy person so it was good. But when it came to Saturday and Sunday, at home, I’d have to cook, otherwise we would just be eating sandwiches. On this I’m glad I’m back in Malaysia.

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