More reasons to become vegetarian

I just read one of the most ridiculous comment in the Metro today. One reader questioned how vegetarians can do any good to the environment given that they eat away all the plants! I found myself in utter disbelief on the level of ignorance in such a civilised society.Perhaps not many people know that livestock rearing accounts for approximately 18 percent of the global greenhouse gases! Methane gas is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide and you need the equivalent of 6kg of plant protein to convert into 1kg of meat protein! However way you look at it, vegetarians can’t be doing more damage to the environment than meat eaters.With the food commodity prices soaring inthe past year because of grain shortage partly due to rising demands of meat in developing countries like China and India, I wonder how much longer human can live like they do now without making compromises. An easy solution would be for more people to become vegetarians and reduce food wastage. There can only be winners from this. More and more dietitians and doctors are advocating eating more fruits and vegetables. Not only does this improve your health, it also alleviates demand for meat and reduce the damageto the environment at the same time slowdown the surge in food prices like grain (that is the main feed to livestock).I don’t understand why so many people are against the idea of becoming a vegetarian. Most seem to find vegetarian food bland and not providing enough nutrients. Contrary to most people’s belief, most vitamins and minerals are best absorbed when ate uncooked from vegetables and fruits. I have never found vegetarian food bland. It’s only a matter of adjusting your palate. Most meat eaters are used to the strong tastes and therefore unable to appreciate more subtle flavours in vege. It only takes a few weeks for your palate to readjust and vegetarian food can be very tasty too! In fact, C used to have acnes all the time right until he stopped eating meat. He still have the odd acne every now and then but nothing as serious as before. He has not made any changes to his lifestyle or skincare regime at all (note that he never use skincare products) and he cannot relate it to any other reason other than his change in diet. I hope everyone will give vegetarianism a chance and give yourself a chance to live a healthier life. You can always have that odd treat of meat if you wish, it’s not as though you have crossed the Rubicon.

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