Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS)

Contrary to what I read in the media, the Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) located in Meru Ipoh will only open in July this year. There will be a carnival end of this February, but activities are limited at the entrance only.  

MAPS pre-opening offers
 At first it seems good value to buy the Perak Pass. But the thing is I’m not sure I’m going to bring my family there more than once a year. And RM180 per adult is still a lot of money. For a family of just three of us, it works out to be a whopping RM510! Besides, my daughter is not into movies or animations yet. 

The layout of the park looks like this:

Layout of MAPS
It didn’t strike me to be that big a park. Perhaps I expected it to be bigger. The river that separates the main entrance from the park perhaps has made the park looks small LOL.

After much considerations, I ended up buying only Day Passes for the three of us. RM280 is still a lot of money considering that I’m not very sure if there is an awful lot of activities for adults to do in the park. But since it is something new in Ipoh, I suppose we will need to pay a visit no matter what 🙂

Updated 27/2/2016: Wife and I ended up purchasing the Perak Pass as well, so that my brother’s and sister’s family, who are not Perak-born, could pay at the Perak Pass’s rate for their annual passes. It works like this, there is this Buy 3 Free 1 (family?) offer on Perak Pass where only Perak-born residents can buy. But you don’t need everyone paying for the pass to be Perak-born, which makes sense because within a family the husband or wife may not necessarily Perak-born. To take up this offer, you only need one of them to be Perak-born. Hence our roles in extending the offer to my brother’s and sister’s families, respectively, even though we didn’t initially want to buy the passes. And apparently you can add-on up to two more persons, which means that they can pay at the Perak Pass’s rate too. The day passes that we bought are now going their way, as we don’t intend to pay more than we already paid. When they come back to Ipoh, we will need to arrange to go to the theme park together to get the photo passes done (from March onwards), for each and everyone. It is cheating a little, but the MAPS’s people were not fussed, so why not.

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