Murder inquiry

It was a strange evening. Someone paid me an uninvited visit in such a coincidental timing that I initially thought it was someone I least wanted to see. But quite on the contrary, it was a very good looking lady standing on my door step. She flashed her badge infront of me so fast, like in a movie, that I couldn’t be sure what her capacity really is. She briefly mentioned that someone was murdered around my neighbourhood, asked me a few questions, and then she started taking down my details. On the one hand, I was questioning in my mind her authencity as a police, and I wasn’t very comfortable dishing out my details to a stranger. But on the other, I recalled something did happened a while ago. And she appeared to be very sharp, always seemed to be checking out stuff around during the entire time, outside my flat, filling up the questionaire.Anyway, I couldn’t resist but to ask her about the murder in more details when she was about to leave, just to make sure that she was not some con woman. Turns out that it is the murder on Kendrick Road that she is investigating. In fact, she could very well beDetective Inspector Rebecca Mears mentioned in the news!

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