Nam Heong Soho closed?

You see we Ipoh people very kepoh one. Heard that Nam Heong in Soho Ipoh is no longer opened for business. People are wondering whether it is closed permanently or it is relocating. If you look at their Facebook page it is no longer maintained and previous posts have been removed too. Perhaps like their iMiirage, they are closing it permanently, even though they claim that it is merely relocating.

But having said that, I have also heard that the owners (the bunch who founded Old Town White Coffee?) have acquired a piece of real estate next to Ipoh Parade (opposite MBI) from the boss of Weil Hotel. Apparently they are going to build another M Boutique hotel. So it is likely that this Nam Heong is going to be given a new lease of life in Ipoh again there. Or maybe even the iMiirage too lol Both have been launched with great fanfare in Ipoh, but unable to live up to expectation they set themselves. The robot waitresses with celebrity names did not manage to pull in crowds once the novelty wore off. Not sure about iMiirage. Perhaps not enough customers who want to pay top dollars for rather mediocre fine dining food. Soho on the other hand has defied odds and is now full of bubble tea shops, attracting lots of crowds in the evening. Perhaps it is this crowd that is crowding out business from Nam Heong lol There are not a lot of parking spaces to start with anyway. So I am sure the bubble tea phenomenon is having an impact of some sort on Nam Heong’s business. On top of that there are also other F&B businesses like Texas Chicken, Lanna Thai etc.


Okay we’ll see in a year or two if Nam Heong is appearing in Ipoh again.

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