Nam Heong’s demise?

Demise is probably too strong a word, when the new Nam Heong wasn’t that great to begin with anyway. But such is the feeling. It is built opposite of the Menteri Besar of Perak’s residence with fancy light reflecting facade.
Nam Heong facade
Rumour has it that RM2 million is spent on furnishing and decoration of the premise. And apparently owner boasted that business would break-even in 8 months. Although I have my doubts, I don’t know enough of their business to really question whether that is feasible.

However what is interesting is, now that a new block of shop lots are built infront of Nam Heong (where there used to be a piece of empty land where people can park their cars), their shop is completely obstructed from view from the roundabout! The large fancy facacde-cum-signboard becomes rather pointless. The shop, which is already difficult to get to, with only one entrance from the main road, is almost completely hidden away from the main road as things turn out. Parking is going to be a nightmare too I would imagine now that there are more shop lots, albeit still vacant at the moment.

I haven’t been dining at Nam Heong for some time, must be over a year now. I shall pay a visit one day again. Not so much for the food, as it is nothing extraordinary considering that I actually live in Ipoh, but just curious to see if their business can defy “gravity” given the negative change in circumstances. Because quite a few pointers seem to suggest that it must be rather difficult to operate a business in that area!

Updated 15/2/2016:
This is a snapshot of Nam Heong on the sixth day of CNY (13th Feb 2016). It is a Saturday, in the evening about 9pm. Elsewhere in Ipoh Garden 冬菇亭 (next to Woolley Food Centre), people needed to wait for tables..
Deserted Nam Heong

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