New HP laptop with blu-ray drive

Got myself a new laptop few days ago. HP Pavillion DV6920 with blu-ray drive. Am so far very pleased with it, apart from Windows Vista which is still a let down despite having little expectation after reading rave of poor reviews about the OS. I’m still in the process of getting used to the keyboard, particularly the right-shift-key.Just tried the blu-ray drive, playing a blu-ray DVD, “Spiderwick Chronicles”, displayed on my HDTV, via HDMI connection. Such refined resolution, and no more blockiness even when watching from close distance. Gosh, I am so going to rent only Blu-ray DVDs from LOVEFiLM from now on 🙂

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  1. Hello I have the same laptop but it will mot play my blu ray dvd’s on my Samsung HDTV. Did you do anything other than plug in the HDMI lead??

  2. Hi John, did you manage to get your laptop to display anything on your HDTV? If you didn’t perhaps you haven’t set up the vista display settings correctly. What I found quite annoying is that sometimes I have to make my HDTV the main monitor before the laptop will display anything on the HDTV.

  3. hi Johnim having the same problem with my hp dv6920. How did you make your HDTV the main monitor. Did your BR work in the end because when i connected mine with a HDMI cable to my TV a message came up saying something along the lines of ‘….not supported in current display mode’. can you help with this?ThanksYoung C

  4. Apparently there are some issues with some models of Samsung HDTVs taking in HDMI input. Perhaps you want to try using VGA output from your HP laptop first to see if you manage to get anything to display on your Samsung HDTV?

  5. Hi, I have also experienced the following problem when I plug in the HDMI cable to my laptop while playing a blu-ray movie, where “Video resolution is not supported” is displayed on my HDTV. I gather that the problem is the different resolution used between my laptop and my HDTV (e.g. 1280 x 800 and 1280 x 720 respectively). The way I get round this problem is I will set my HDTV to become my only monitor before I play my movie (not just blu-ray movie). I think the underlying problem is to do with the video player not detecting the changes in display resolution when things are switched around from laptop to HDTV. So it seems that dedicated Blu-ray disc player (including PS3) is the most pain-free choice at the moment if people are only interested in watching high def blu-ray movie on their HDTV rather than having to fiddle around with resolutions and all.

  6. I had same problem. Changed settings on my graphics card so only displayed on tv. Now the movie blinks on/off every 30 secs. Any ides please?

  7. Paul, perhaps you want to make sure that your laptop is not busy running too many applications while playing blu-ray DVD as that can slow down your video playback.

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