No entertainment on the day the Sultan passed away

The Sultan of Perak passed away yesterday. It is declared public holiday today in Perak. Nursery for my daughter is closed for the day. With not much to do, brought my daughter to Cheeky Tots. Turns out that they are closed too, along with entertainment outlets that I am aware of like cinemas and bowling alleys, as a sign of respect for the deceased Sultan. In fact apparently all gatherings, performances and celebrations shall be cancelled for seven days! If my memory served me right, didn’t hear any music in the supermarket that I went to in the morning too.

So went to my parents’ house instead. With not much to do there, we ended up watching tele, which normally doesn’t happen when we are at home with SA. Mum needs to keep herself entertained, hence my brother’s children are brought up watching a lot of tele too. In fact they know better than my mum how to control the set top box. No toys for SA to play so she got bored after some time. Brought her out to play a bit of badminton. But was drizzling in the evening. Played under the awnings instead. Very pathetic. But at least SA was kept amused until it was time for dinner…

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