Original statue of liberty

Statue of liberty There’s a statue of liberty in New York. We all know that. There’s, however, also a statue of liberty in Paris, albeit 1/4 in size to the one in New York, standing on the Isle de Grenelle (on the River Seine) 1.5km from the Eiffel Tower. When I was in Paris last week, my French colleague pointed out to me that that was the original version of the statue of liberty. I couldn’t comment really, and accepted the answer as final, as I didn’t know it even exists!After some careful trawl on the Internet, it turns out that there’s yet another statue of liberty in Jardin du Luxembourg, claims to be the first model, built in 1870! This really adds to the controversy on which one is the original. But what’s not in question is the statue of liberty in New York was gifted by the French 🙂

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