Own blog Vs Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook are such commanding, in terms of their ability to capture eyeballs. Their appeal seems to lie in many Facebook users, and their friends, visit Facebook frequently, and religiously “contributing” posts as well, say everyday? It is definitely more “rewarding” for them to visit a portal like Facebook where they can find out what their friends are thinking/doing, than to visit their friends’ blogs or websites individually. Too time consuming, perhaps. For the owner of a blog like myself, it is definitely much easier to put in a one-liner on my Facebook’s wall than to blog, which requires more thoughts. It is a shame really. However what I write on my blog is more far reaching than what I put onto my Facebook. For example, people who are not my “friends” in Facebook will not be able to see what I wrote in Facebook, for privacy reason. At least search engines are not allowed to crawl Facebook’s contents. But anyone can search for what I’ve written on here. So it is rewarding to see what I’ve written can be of some use to anyone who finds it. I think that alone will keep me going, at least for the time being… 🙂

One thought on “Own blog Vs Facebook”

  1. I do Facbook, Twitter and blog and have more followers on Facebook and Twitter than the actual blog and alot of them don’t even go to the blog. Not sure if this a good thing or the age of the internet and too many choices.

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