Bought a papaya in the supermarket yesterday. When the fruit was scanned at the checkout till, a name “paw paw” appeared. At first I thought it was mistake, as coming from a tropical country, I’m very sure that papaya is called “papaya”. And pawpaw sounds like a dog, don’t you think? It just sounds funny. I still couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of this name. Maybe I have had the pronunciation wrong 🙂 Anyway, what a cute name.

4 thoughts on “Pawpaw”

  1. It’s funny that you took an interest in checking it out.:) He can’t stop saying ‘paw paw’ these few days. It’s still in the fridge by the way.:)

  2. I was just at a rustic camp at ‘paw paw’ 2 weeks ago for a friend’s gathering, so the term is fresh .:) I found it amusing when I first heard the name of the town a few years ago, it’s near hubby’s hometown. Now I know it’s also a fruit.

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