Preparing financial accounts

I’ve set up a meeting with the accountant next week. So looks like the time has finally come for me to prepare the accounts for her to inspect. I initially thought it is going to be a rather daunting exercise. But with the help of the template W found me, it was surprisingly easy to do! It however required me to go through bank statements, receipts etc. I think that was the annoying bit, as I’m not a very organised person. Now that I’ve done a set of accounts myself, I think it is a very good practice to keep the accounts up to date. For obvious reasons like I will not then be required to do everything at the last minute!Things are really getting more interesting for my travel business. But it’s time to renew my license. I’m a bit apprehensive although the CAA has agreed to renew my license subject an extension to my bond. Mainly because it seems that the credit crunch really has done some damage to the insurance industry as they appear to have tighten their practice. Anyway I’ve just sent the accounts that I’ve drafted to the insurer. Let’s hope that they will give me a good rate for the bond amount I requested!

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