Quidco does work for iPad ordered for collection in-store!

It’s been a while since I last checked on my Quidco account. Guess I wasn’t optimistic about getting any cashback from the iPad we bought from PC World two months ago, although this offer was advertised on the Quidco website. Because we ordered the iPad online, but chose to collect in-store, which means paying for the iPad in-store as well. So we weren’t sure if Quidco will be able to track the completed transaction. I mean I haven’t yet received the 3% cashback too, but at least the transaction is validated on my Quidco account. The validation process required that I provide some sort of transaction number printed on the receipt I received after making the payment at the store. So there you go, you can get some savings even on Apple’s products!

2 thoughts on “Quidco does work for iPad ordered for collection in-store!”

  1. Hi there! Was your cashback validated and paid? I did the same after reading your post, but a month on it’s still sat at £0.00 (after submitting receipt details). Going to submit a ticket, but it would be good to know whether others were successful. Cheers!

  2. Hi Brian, I think you probably need to give it another month’s time. My transaction was back on 9 July and I only saw it validated around September, if not slightly earlier. FYI, the cashback is still not paid to me yet though after almost 4 months! Hope that we eventually get paid…

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