Redundancy (not me!)

A part of the company I’m working for is going to be vacated from our building soon. Around half of the employees will be made redundant. That was quite some news, for me, as I haven’t yet come across such situation before in my life. The build-up to the announcement, made by our business director, was an interesting one. The invitation sent out, via email, by the secretary didn’t mention anything about what the briefing is all about. Some colleagues were very suspicious, and perhaps have even prepared for some bad news. Not sure it is a relief when we heard that the news doesn’t affect our division. The news must be shocking to those who are involved, who were briefed in another meeting room. Imagine that you have a half chance of being made redundant. Such news definitely won’t go down well.** Latest news, England lost to Russia 2-1! Maybe Steve McClaren should receive one of these big letters as well. **My tennis coach works in that part of the company. Today is my last lesson with him. Let’s hope that he’s not one of the unlucky lot.

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