RHB login page looks like phishing page

Got very nervous yesterday trying to login for RHB online banking. Googled for “RHB login”, which many people do because the exact URL is difficult to remember, clicked on RHB Online Banking (see screenshot below) and I was presented with a login page.

RHB from Google search.

All very good, except that when I put in my username, the wrong secret word appeared! So does it mean I have landed on a phishing page, which I have been repeatedly warned by banks about such risk before?! For a moment I thought these scammers have taken over my browser! You see, I’m not the alone person using my PC at home. Who knows what other members of my family might have done that could lead to my browser getting compromised? So I went on to click for more information about the site URL. And it showed that I was indeed connected to the legitimate RHB banking site, owned by RHB Bank KL. So what was going on? I was still presented with the same wrong secret word however many times I tried.

rhbgroup.com site security information.

Then I remember that I have logon from rhb.com.my before. Used Google search and found this URL instead – https://logon.rhb.com.my. Again I was presented with a login page (see below or click to enlarge), that looked almost exactly the same as the one at https://rhbnow.rhbgroup.com/kh/ which I initially landed on. When I put in my username, the secret word I got was correct this time.

rhb.com.my login page.

I nearly wanted to report this to RHB. Clicked on the call button, to then realise that this damn page actually is for RHB bank users in Cambodia (see below or click to enlarge)!

RHB Cambodia login page.

It seems that RHB is trying to merge their sites to be all under rhbgroup.com. It is a logical idea, rather than having to keep maintaining different domain names for RHB in different countries. But trouble is, RHB has done poor job in linking the login page for users to logon to. I have no idea how I can be led to the Cambodia RHB login page. They need to sort this out quickly, otherwise they are bound to receive many calls about their “phishing page” lol.

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