Right effort

Something quite extraordinary happened when we were trying to get pass the immigration at the Geneva airport yesterday. A woman, seeing that there was such a long queue, decided to just conveniently slot in to the queue, right infront of us, pretending that nothing had happened! I “politely” told her off by telling her that the queue was behind. She then gave us excuses like her driver was waiting outside and she “can’t” queue behind. What a woman, trying to be posh yet not really, as we later found out that she has no driver actually and had to catch a cab :)I wonder what’s the best way to handle this kind of situation. I think we spoke loud enough that a lot of the people behind the queue were aware of what this woman was doing. Yet the woman has the balls, or lack of them, to stand her ground, as if she has the right to cut queue, believing that it wouldn’t make much difference to us. To be honest, it really did not make a difference, as we still ended up leaving the airport earlier that she did. At one point I was thinking of humiliating her infront of the immigration officer, to teach her a lesson, but W pleaded that we better leave her alone. And seeing that nobody else behind seemed to worry too much either I started questioning myself whether I have over-reacted. I couldn’t quite tell if it was the sense of injustice or that I wanted to get one over her or maybe something else that prompted me to react the way I had. Anyway I hope we have done enough to remind her in future that she should be embarrassed when she cuts queue again.

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  1. CK, I do not think you over-reacted. You did the right thing by approaching her in a polite way, although some people might argue, it would have been effective if you used louder voice and being more forceful to delibrately embarass her. But it would be difficult without “backing up” from the other people behind you in queue. Lots of inconsiderate people like these in Malaysia…sad to say. LSM

  2. That’s the thing, if those people behind are not bothered, there’s really not much I can do to remove her from the queue, other than to maybe phycally push her aside, as believe me she is one very thick-skin woman, really taking the biscuit.

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