Robins have paired up!

For the past few days we have been wondering where the Robin has gone. We wondered if it is a female and has paired up with a counterpart elsewhere, leaving us behind. This morning I saw a different Robin feeding from our window bird feeder. So that was a relief, as we thought we at least have another Robin living around our backyard. Then W saw two Robins feeding on the bird seeds I’ve scattered on the ground yesterday! That is so cute, as very seldom do we see two Robins at the same place at the same time. W urged me to go feed them mealworms. I was a little hesitant initially as I think I’ll most likely scare one of them away. Indeed before I stepped out from the kitchen door both have flown away.Looks like they will be mating and will be giving birth to their first brood of Robins very soon! Excellent!

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