RTM1, RTM2 and Malaysia

I’ve known this German guy through project collaboration for about a year. But only yesterday did I get to know that he has worked in Malaysia for two and a half years back in 2002, at Angkasapuri, to train Malaysians on broadcast related work. What I found even more interesting is that he also knew about the recent election results. Impressive, through The Star online. And he has fond memories about working in Malaysia, and life in general, including his three kids. This is good to know, even though expats normally get very good remuneration working overseas.What he saw was a stable, prosperous country with a lot of natural resources and do not suffer from natural disasters. To a certain extent we have to be thankful to whoever who has made Malaysia the country we now have. When compared to other Southeast Asia countries, which he has the priviledge of visiting, Malaysia is definitely right up there. So from an “outsiders” point of view, he was baffled by the election results, and couldn’t quite grasp what the ruling government has done wrong. But what he did see was the attitude of the people working for RTM1 and RTM2. He was surprised to see how poor the quality of the programmes produced by these state-owned organisations. Whether they lack incentives or lack imaginations I don’t know, but they are not news anymore in Malaysia. Everybody knows they are poorly run, and nobody watches these channels. Well, not strictly, I know my dad still tunes in to watch the Mandarin news programme every evening. My German friend also saw people sleeping in the office 🙂 What a shame. I have a friend who used to work as a consultant for government projects, and I think he still has plenty of stories to share. Anyway I look at BBC programmes and I can see many passionate people who enjoy their work, and they keep producing world-class quality programmes. BBC is non-commercial too, so why the huge difference.When asked whether my German friend will consider living in Malaysia again, the answer is he certainly wouldn’t rule that option out. But hopefully by then he will see an even better country.

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