Rubbish HSBC, yet again

The thing with customer services in the UK is, the labour cost is so expensive that they can’t afford to pay the bank staff to work on the weekends. In this case, the HSBC staff from the “lending team” for business accounts. What’s the point of setting up customer service department when these people can’t bloody make decision?! Oh, it’s weekend and the “lending team” is not working, you’ll have to wait till Monday. For god’s sake, I just want to find a way to pay for my next purchase now that my credit limit is exceeded. I have already transferred money to my credit card account in an attempt to offset some of the money outstanding. But hey, you can only spend the amount equal to your credit limit in a month. If you want to spend more, tough, you’ll HAVE TO speak to our lending team. Even paying money into your credit card account won’t work either. Lending team, is the answer!If they are so important in the decision tree, then bloody get them to work on weekends as well! It’s not good enough to have a bunch of staff sitting around answering phone calls when none of them can make decisions! It’s just pathethic.

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