Rubbish Maybank cash depositing machines

Frustration! I have been checking my Maybank account for the past few days, because I have had a cheque deposited to my bank account, and I need the money. Banked in on Thursday, before 4pm. Everywhere on Maybank website it states the cheque will be cleared by the next business day if the cheque is deposited before 4pm. I was expecting money to appear on Friday, night. But nope. Perhaps my was deposited too close to 4pm. And their clock was rubbish. Gave them benefit of a doubt. But Thaipusam on Monday. So latest by Tuesday, surely. Nope, perhaps it really does bloody take 3 working days!

Okay it is Wednesday today. Called them up. So there was no cheque floating in my account, at all. BTW this does not appear on their Maybank mobile app. Only desktop’s version of Maybank2u will it show. The customer service rep told me to call the local branch instead. Telling me that most likely the cheque was rejected. Okay called up my local branch. They didn’t know why too, and the cheque was physically not at the branch, because all cheques deposited into an ATM are sent to KL for processing. When a cheque is rejected, it will get sent back to the branch. So my cheque was caught out between KL and Ipoh and excitingly nobody knows why! I called up the main customer helpline, again, to ask for a number where I could find out the status of my cheque, in this case the KL cheque processing department. Called the number (03-20747956) nobody answered. Called the main helpline again, and was given three more numbers – 03-20748042, 03-20747338 and 03-20747068. Bloody hell, all four numbers, including the one was given earlier, no answer whatsoever. Maybank seriously screwed up here, even their people don’t know their numbers don’t work anyway.

Okay the branch called back, I was told the cheque was back at the branch. The reason the cheque was rejected because my account number was not written on the back of the cheque. So they did not know which account to bank the cheque into. Alright, before you shoot me for silly mistake like this, I have never written any bank account number on cheques when I deposit cheque at Public Bank ATMs. I thought the reason we are required to key in a bank account number at the ATM machine is so the ATM will make a note of which account to bank the cheque in to. This is what the Public Bank ATM does. But not Maybank’s. In fact keying in a bank account number when you deposit a cheque at Maybank ATMs is just to syiok sendiri. It is just for your own record. Maybank don’t care if you key in a wrong account number. Because they don’t use information that you key in anyway. They might as well let customers drop their cheques into a box like ATM machines, like RHB bank, that do not require customers to do this redundant step of keying in an account number. I am shocked, seriously, at how poorly designed Maybank’s cheque depositing machines are. And criminally the poor design misled customers like me into thinking that cheques can be deposited the same way as depositing cheques at Public Bank’s ATMs. Do you think Maybank know how poor their cheques processing service is when compared to other banks (Public Bank and RHB Bank are already mentioned above)?

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