Save the earth

Orang Utan

I remember organising a project on ‘greening’ the earth when I was in high school. Although I knew that we should do our bit to recycle as much as we could, I was not able to appreciate the gravity and seriousness of environmental issues. I had been watching some documentaries and tv programmes about numerous threats to the wildlife, extinction of uncountable species, large scale deforestation etc in the past few years. Every time I watch such programmes or come to read an article about environment conservation, it pains me to accept the truth that every damage had been done to ensure the survival of human beings. It may be 10 years too late for me, but possibly 50 years too late for mankind.It is surprising that even in a well-developed country like the Great Britain, a lot of people are rather contented with their current lifestyle and have no intention to do their part to save our environment. Energy consumption is unbelievably high and most people would choose to drive private vehicles when they could have opted for a more environmentally friendly transport.If we carry on living our extravagant lifestyle and have no consideration for our nature whatsoever, it is unsurprising that our children will never be able to see wild tigers, elephants, panda, orang utan etc. I truly think that if everyone puts some thoughts into thinking how they can help conserve the environment and take actions now, we may still be able to salvage what is remaining in time.

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