Selflessness and selfishness

There was a time I sort of concluded, after some discussions with my friends, that all human are selfish. Selfish in the sense that when people are under extreme circumstances, e.g life-death situation, whichever way they choose, it is going to be a selfish decision, assuming that a choice is possible. Why would I think that way? Say there is a situation where somebody has to die, e.g. a crashing plane full of passengers with only a few parachutes, a sinking ship with a small life boat. Anyone with any self-worth will want to get hold of one of those life saving kit to survive, regardless of whether or not they will be called selfish. This should be the right spirit, as it means they know that their life is worth living, at the very least. People who did not consider, never cross their mind, of surviving at all has got pretty much the same mentality as people committing suicide, don’t you think?Desperately fighting for my chance of survival just because I want to be with your loved one, family and friends is selfish, I thought. So is giving up my chance of survival to someone else, as I’m selfish in the sense that I’m letting my loved one, family and friends down. It will seem like I don’t love them, or care about their feelings a great deal.But I suppose selflessness is more about not bringing in emotional attachments when making decisions in life. Needless to say, this is always going to be a challenge, for we will always have attachments to various things, in whatever form they may be, particularly ourselves and family members. So it’s probably about acknowledging and understanding these attachments, and train ourselves not to let them affect our judgement endlessly. Afterall, it only takes time to perfect the skill to become selfless, not cutting ties with families and friends, as I once feared.

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