Selling our little car

Finally got ourselves a buyer for our little car, after placing an ad on for almost 2 weeks. Yesterday the buyer came paid a deposit of RM1,000 for our car. Now need go to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya (JPJ) to get my car a Puspakom inspection certificate, so the buyer can be certain that the car he is buying is a legal one, and get the necessary forms required for transfer of car ownership.

Once that is done, not forgetting money changing hands for the car, our little car will no longer be ours. Despite it having given us quite a few headaches before, think we will remember the car for a long time. It is after all our first car since we moved back from England. Our daughter still loves to sit in the little car even after we have bought a new car, our bimmer. Stark difference in quality in so many ways yet our daughter is indifferent to them all. Hope the new buyer will take good care of our little car though.

Updated 03/01/2016:
Some complications occurred which perhaps sellers should take note. Before sending your car to Puspakom for inspection, remove the glass tinting stickers first. Basically you will fail the inspection if there is any tinting sticker on the windscreen. Visibility needs to be above 70%. Without any sticker visibility is only around 75% already. So why there are still shops installing tinting for cars? Because JPJ has another set of benchmark which will allow certain level of tinting to be used on the road. So whatever numbers you see on the warranty card for your tinting is irrelevant when you send to Puspakom. It will cost you another RM31.80 for a retest. People really should complain about this double benchmarks which is illogical and a waste of motorists’ money.

Puspakom Inspection ResultWith tinting front windscreen was only 48% visibility. Windows of front passengers failed too, below 50%.

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