Should we buy organic produce?

Recently, the Food Standards Agency released a damning report on the nutritional values of organic produce compared to that of mass-scale farming. The result was that they didn’t find much difference in nutritional benefits between organic and non-organic produce. One needs to remember that the research conducted did not take into account the effects of pesticides, which is one of the main concerns for people opting organic food.Honestly, I was not surprised by the findings. When organic products first became fashionable 10 years ago, I told all my friends that I didn’t think it would make much difference in terms of nutritional value. If it did, then all the fertilisers that are used by mass-scale farmers would be in vain.10 years on, I still believe that there isn’t much difference, but my perspectives changed. Organic farming isn’t about nutrition, although some findings suggest that dairy products are found to contain higher omega-3 in organic produce. Whether this is conclusive I don’t know. But it certainly sounds more pleasant to know that your cows had chewed on meadows rather than cramped in a cage fed with grain day in day out.Now, I don’t eat meat, but I still care where my milk or eggs come from. I want to know that they have been raised naturally, rather than in an industrialised environment. I have seen tv programmes showing chickens in barns. There was so little space and no natural sunlight. Some of the chickens couldn’t even move because their legs are deformed as a result of the rearing environment.An all too familiar argument is that organic farming would never be able to feed the whole world. True it may be, but do you know that a lot of fuel and energy are wasted to run a mass-scale farm? If one is so concerned about food scarcity, the simplest solution is to become a vegetarian, or massively cut down your meat intake. Mass-scale farming only solves the problem temporarily. So long as human continues to devour our planet’s resources as they do, food scarcity will remain a serious problem.Another important reason why I support organic farming is obviously for environmental reasons. If mass-scale farming continues as they do, we would run out of any wildlife sooner than you could pronounce the word. Already we are depleting our forest reserve. Organic farms keep our environment friendlier to the wildlife. I have visited organic farms and it is very pleasant to know that the food that you eat, is a result of natural farming habitat. There were insects that helped to keep pests under control. When those vegetables arrived at my door, I feel very satisfied knowing that not only that they taste better, I have also helped to maintain ecological balance by opting organic. Yes, may be it is not enough, but it’s a step to the right direction.No doubt that organic is more expensive than non-organic, but you will be surprised that it isn’t that much more expensive. C and I have massively cut down on dining out. With the savings, it is more than enough to make a feast from organic produce.For those who remain sceptical, I totally understand, for I was once the same. But for those who are still on the fence, I hope you would give it a try.

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