Siamese Flying Fox

This has got to be my greatest acquisition for my fish tank. For months my fish tank has been plagued by hairy brown algae. So unsightly was the algae after a long enough time that we had to take the gravel out to scrape away the algae. But even then the result was not too satisfactory as it was very difficult to get the gravel really clean.However within just one week after introducing the pair of Siamese Flying Fox I bought last week, my fish tank is now almost rid of the algae that has been bothering us for some time. Absolutely amazing. They just keep munching and munching the algae almost non-stop. But at the same time also keep excreting them as waste constantly! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all delighted that my fish tank at least now seems like it is under control, but I’ve also not seen so much waste floating around before 🙂 Well, it should be alright, as the water filter should have no problem dealing with the waste given a bit of time.

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