Some water fowls at White Knights Lake

These are a few photos taken when I met up with Peter yesterday at White Knights Lake. I was intending to take photos of the various young chicks that were born there. But sadly many of them died. Particularly, according to Peter, the chicks of Mandarin, two broods of 15 and 3, all died as they were eaten by the Pike (fish). Surely something has to be done in this kind of artificial environment?!

Wood Duck
 10 Young Canada Geese
I also learnt from Peter that it is common for Canada Geese to give their young away to other Canada Geese. Hence there is this pair of Canada Geese that has 10 young with them. Interesting. And recently a Mute Swan killed an adult Canada Goose at White Knights Lake! Didn’t know that Mute Swans can be this aggressive, and that they don’t really like geese.

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