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Back again and feeling at home, and also Air Asia X!

It’s been a really long time since I last wrote a blog. As C said, it was a hectic holiday home. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a holiday, but simply a break full of commitments. It was so busy to the extent that I was only looking forward to the end of it to be back here in England so that I can live my ‘normal’ life again.May be I expected the worst before I went back to Malaysia, so I was mentally more capable to deal with all the things that I had to do. I knew that this was no ‘holiday’. I almost feel relieved that this ‘holiday’ ended.

Air Asia X, by merlyn.pauley

Anyway, the point of writing is to share a little of my experience of flying with Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur from London Stansted. I wasn’t expecting a lot as my family and friends flew with them before I did. So they said it was okay for a budget airline. On arrival at London Stansted, the check-in procedure was rather stress free. So that was a good sign. We made a mistake of not buying more baggage allowance, so with 15kg per person, we really struggled to fit all the things that we wanted to bring home. On calling to enquire if I could up my allowance the day before, I was told that this had to be done 48 hours before flying. So my only option was to pay at the counter or shed my baggage weight, of course I chose the latter! The customer service didn’t sound very friendly. He mumbled so softly that I had to ask him to speak up.Boarding the plane was rather civil. In fact, the experience was much better than what we had with Easyjet or Ryanair. There was no such non-sense such as paying for a ‘priority boarding pass’. Only business class and those with children and special needs get priority. Others were boarded according to seat numbers. YES, you do get a seat number! And no need to run in order to get a prime seat. Also, they don’t make you fit your hand luggage into that steel frame and enforce you to check-in your hand luggage in order to squeeze extra pennies from your wallet. We also get to pool our luggage allowance instead of restricting to one bag a person and what not (like the Easyjet or Ryanair).The seats were surprisingly spacious! In fact, C found it more spacious than conventional airlines and I noticed the space too. What I liked was that there were only two seats on each side with four in the middle column. So C and I could be on our own without having to trouble someone in order to go to the toilet etc. Service was okay. You cannot expect services like those in conventional airlines. Food was also not bad. We chose the Asian option because we know that they make better Malaysian food than they make pasta or other western dishes. The only drawback is that the meal portion was small and far and few. So I would advise everyone to bring their own fruits and snacks to top up.We came across a few turbulence on our outward journey. We think that may be because the plane was smaller, we felt the bounce a lot more and it made us feel nauseous. The inbound journey was much better. Would I fly with them again? I think that depends on the cost savings. As London Stansted is sort of inconvenient to get to from where we live, we would really think twice to fly from there again as the hassle is really so much that it wouldn’t be worth it if the savings is not great. But for anyone within easy distance, I think it is a good option as Stansted is not as crowded and chaotic as Heathrow and Air Asia does provide good value.