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Feeding the tame Robin, on video!

Finally recorded down the tame Robin on video. Quality is a bit poor, I know, as I only have a mobile phone that can record video 🙁 Initially the Robin didn’t want to feed from my hand, which you’ll probably notice, my chasing hand 🙂 It was too busy looking at the tub of meal worms which was located just below my feeding hand. Bad idea. In fact it actually flew to the tub, rather than to my hand! But nevertheless, it finally feeds from my hand! Hurray!

Finally tamed the Robin

Tame Robin

After more than a month of patience, the Robin is finally tamed! It feeds off W’s hand, and my friend’s hand too, but not mine! How annoying! W rightly predicted that it will feed off her hand today, as it is very cold today, and naturally the Robin will want more food. BTW we are going to see heavy snow fall over the next few days. Very unusual weather. I hope it’s not going to disrupt our travel plans too much tomorrow though *finger crossed*

Video recording tame Robin

Why it never cross my mind that I could video record Robin birds we have hand fed for the past two years is beyond me. Here is an execellent footage of a Robin fed by this guy with a plateful of meal worms. Oh I missed having Robins around our flat. Nevermind next year I’m pretty sure Robins will come nest in our neighbour’s garden again, which they have been for the past two years. In fact they nested in our backyard 3 years ago, when we have just moved in here and before we cleared up the unrully ivy’s. You can have a look here for the baby Robin which was fallen from his nest, created a lot of mess in my backyard, subsequently learnt the technique of flying and finally flew away.

More Robin photos

These are photos taken two days ago when the lighting conditions were better. Roger had been very cooperative, posing for me to do the photoshoot for more than a quarter of an hour 🙂 This was of course because I had not given him all the food he was hoping for in one go. He’s a clever bird. He knows that I will give out food and so had patiently waited for me, while tidying his feather at the same time. A very cheeky bird indeed.

RobinOriginally uploaded by arctanck

Great day out bird watching

It was a great day on Saturday. Weather was good, and we spotted many birds along our walk to Burghfield. Even the Robin knew that we’d have a good day and told us about the good news via our friend J (well it is a little joke between P and J that she knows how to intepret a Robin’s message :)) Here’s the list of birds I reported on the Berksbird website. One of the highlights was spotting a Grey Heron attacking a big fish and then later swallowing the fish. The fish was so big that we could see a kink in his neck! Fascinating. Another highlight was spotting a Kingfisher flying past us at close quarter. P suspects that the Kingfisher has a nest nearby, as he later showed us some Kingfisher nesting holes on the bank of the river where he spotted Kingfishers in the past. All in all a very fruitful day.

Robin’s breeding hotspot

It’s the third time in two years Robin has been nesting in our area. The first time was in my backyard. The following two times were in my neighbour’s. The reason we managed to tame the Robin quite easily last time was because he needed a lot of food to feed his young, as I later found out. This year we even manage to hand feed the Robin using dried meal worms.This morning it’s the first time we saw one of the young Robin. Looks literally like a ball, even bigger in size than his parents! Maybe because the parents have been working out a lot fetching food for them lately. They seem to keep flying in and out of my backyard all the time throughout the day. In my view their work rate is just as amazing as the bees. Even such small creatures can demonstrate loving kindness. Isn’t it fascinating?Looks like all of them will be leaving the nest anytime soon, as I think the young Robins are learning how to fly now. Hope they will have their next brood here as well, as they can have multiple broods in one year.


Originally uploaded by arctanck

We had a much closer look at Fiedlfare than the last, even though we were without a telescope this time. So far we have had quite good fortune birding around Thames Valley Park (we can’t believe the last time we were there was about half a year ago! Time really flies). Apart from this Fieldfare, we also spotted a Red Kite gliding in the sky and a Great Spotted Woodpecker high up on a tree trunk. Very pleased.

New bird visiting our garden

Mouse on the bird feeder

Recently our backyard is frequented by this new bird called Dunnock. Dunnock is supposed to be a very shy bird, but strangely this one moves around our backyard in our presence as if we weren’t around. It’s definitely not as fearful as the Robin that lives around, which will easily fly away as soon as it is certain that we are watching it. It’s such a joy to be able to observe the bird closely. But the price we pay is that the lawn we are trying to grow may end up very patchy as it’s been eating a lot of the grass seeds we planted!

Bird, mouse and me

The bird feeder I hang in my backyard is supposed to be for the birds. I’ve complaint before in my previous post about mice somehow mysteriously taken the fat ball I hanged outside. But these days the mice not only start taking food from my bird feeder, they are even bold enough to do it in the day time!

Mouse on the bird feederMouse on the bird feederMouse on the bird feeder

Unbelievable. I tried putting oil onto the pole and moving it away from the little bamboo fence hoping that they won’t be able to climb up the pole so merrily. But I was too naive. Tried setting up a fence using some sharp bamboo skewers hoping to keep them away from my bird feeder (in fact I was hoping to see the scenario where they will fall off from the bird feeder and will have their butts poked, just to teach them a lesson). Didn’t work as well. Gave up putting the bird feeder there. Put up a cage instead to protect my fat balls. But they still somehow manage to attack my fat balls. I put up two fat balls and they only lasted just more than a week. Bought a window bird feeder last week, thinking that they probably won’t come so close to my flat, and won’t be able climb up the feeder. Wrong again! They still somehow manage to take the whole fat ball away, again! I’ve moved the window bird feeder further up. So far it hasn’t yet been attacked by the mice. Let’s hope it stays that way. I definitely don’t plan to trap or poison them. Afterall they are still very cute little animals. But it’s not my intention to attract them here! I want birds!! How annoying!Bamboo skewer fenceCage for the fat ballWindow bird feeder