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Pride and prejudice

Thus passed the long Easter weekend. It would have been a very fruitless weekend by my usual standards because I have not done much outdoor exercise or any sightseeing at all. However, all was not lost. I spent a good few hours watching the BBC pride and prejudice series and another good few hours reading the book.Before I knew it, it was time to get depressed over the fact that I have to go to work soon. I am not keen on the idea of reading a book twice no matter how much I appreciate it. I had this thinking that if I know the plot, there is not much joy in spending another good few hours reading what you already know. The same goes to films. But I made some exceptions, only very occasionally. It was the second time that I read pride and prejudice although I have been telling everyone how much I love the book. To my amazement, I find that it had been more enjoyable than my first reading. I know the plot and some of the lines, but this time, I was looking out for more subtle things. I didn’t know that I was capable of reading with so much enthusiasm on a second reading. I absolutely adore the story and I am sure most female readers will not contest its likeability. Like most females, I wonder if a real life Mr Darcy exists. I am not a sceptic, but I do think that most men with power, wealth, and good looks are not always the best husbands. Most of the time, they may lack integrity or honesty. In fact, it may even be a universal truth. But I always believe that fairy tales happen in real life but just don’t happen to everyone. For those hopeful females out there, including some of my friends, I hope that they will find their own Mr Darcy but if they don’t, there is no need to be disappointed, because it may only happen to one in a million and you are just part of the majority.

Random numbers

To give you some background, it was apparently not easy to generate random numbers before PC was invented (before the 50’s or so). Quite often, what people understand about random numbers is not what random numbers actually are. Anyway, a book (as a reference to random numbers) called “A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates” was published by Rand Corporation back in 1955. It was useful for the scientists, say when they wanted to do simulations etc, saving them time from “manually” generating random numbers. In 2002, this book was reprinted, and it’s available on Amazon.Read the reviews about this book, they are very entertaining 🙂 If you want to read comments that are more sane, go to this blog – “A million random digits”.