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Running out of folders

Business seems to be coming in thick and fast, well by our standard anyway, that we are running out of folders to send to our clients! My brother has made a shipment from Malaysia just over 3 months ago, and incredibly it is still yet to arrive! That’s the problem with Malaysian postal service, you never know what you’re gonna get! They ares supposed to have a parcel tracking service, but I can only trace the parcel up till KLIA shipping office or something. And there is no more update since. Our clients who have just travelled to Malaysia for honeymoon told me that she has sent me a postcard about 2 weeks ago from KL. But again it is yet to arrive. Luckily we have emails, and here’s a snippet of her generous comments:”Absolutely FANTASTIC. Your partners in Malaysia looked after us like royalty – it was the most relaxing but exhilarating holiday we have ever experienced. I cannot praise you enough for your itinerary, organisation and attention to detail. I will give you some detailed feedback in the next few days but just to let you know immediately that I will recommend you to everyone that wants to go to Malaysia. Everyone is just so polite and wanted us to have a great time in their country – we were overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness. It certainly is not a honeymoon we will ever forget.”Always good to hear that clients had a fantastic time in Malaysia. Hope more and more people will travel to Malaysia and Borneo.

Thoughts about my travel business

I’m really pleased to receive the positive feedbacks on the website for my small travel business venture to Malaysia. They mean a lot to me, as I have spent just so much time on the website. I don’t claim to have created the website from scratch, but it is so much work to get the website to look the way I want. It is such a relief to know that these effort has not gone wasted.I think the content for the website is quite important. I remember when I initially showed to some people their remarks were just so so only. After working on the content, it seems that people are now starting to appreciate the business we are working on. I guess the passion and confidence in my own business does help too. And I genuinely believe that tourism is the best way forward for Borneo if we want to keep the rainforest and the biodiversity there. You probably have no idea that there are many people out there who want to turn these forest into oil palm plantation for biodiesel. In fact one of my close friends has some land in Sabah that has just been turned into an oil palm plantation recently! It was an act my friend is not particularly proud of, even though the land he bought used to be secondary forest, rather than primary. Bio-fuel cannot be a direct replacement of natural fuel source. People really should conciously cut down energy wastage. There’s no excuse for not doing that and people should be ridiculed for being ignorant. People need to start realising the consequences of their actions.Circumstances change from time to time. What was acceptable years ago is now frowned upon. Seems a bit strange sometimes but nothing new. Guess we just need to keep updating ourselves so that what we now know as mistakes are not repeated again.