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When you can’t see things clearly

A bloody big bug hit on my glasses while I was cycling home this afternoon. A sudden knee jerk reaction caused me to try and flick the bug away. But I touched my glasses as well and so the whole lot got flung away onto the cycle path. My heart sunk immediately. The power of my glasses is around +5.0. Without my glasses I’m almost blind. And that proved to be the case. It seemed to take me forever to find back my glasses, although I saw where the glasses had landed roughly. After searching for perhaps only 1 minute I think I already started to panic. In fact I had even thought about calling W for help, despite her being miles away at home.I found the glasses eventually, after 3 minutes? But one side of the glasses was broken, with a big crack in the middle. For a while I was relief to know that I could still wear it and cycle home. But what was initially a relief slowly turned into anger. I started cursing my luck while I was cycling home, and I couldn’t stop thinking, had I not this, had I not that, then I wouldn’t have ended up with a pair of broken glasses. Shit happens, big deal, get over it. But isn’t that also normal human reaction? I think the question is how quickly we can get over something. Like other things taught in Buddhism, I guess it takes skills. The more skillful we are the better we can react to circumstances?