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Raising money for medical operation

This is an interesting topic. At least I find it worth discussing. Friend’s daughter need money for an operation overseas. A sizeable amount of money is needed, as it is an organ transplant operation, which the government hospital in Malaysia hasn’t got a lot of experience doing, hence the overseas option instead. And the operation is slightly more difficult than the a more routine operation involving organ donor’s from the exact same blood group.

Anyway the point is although the money required is quite significant, it is however in my view not beyond the reach of the family, or at least if their extended families are included. Instead they have approached a charity organisation and plea for donations to fund the operation. I guess the operation itself is a lot of money. On top of that the family needs to support themselves on other expenses going overseas, together, for the operation. The lost income from the parents together with day to day expenses whilst overseas is a double whammy and can easily cripple the finance of even a middle class family.

It’s a tough call, still. I probably would have tried to raise the money myself, by borrowing money from families and friends first, then maybe even from banks, before moving on to ask for donations. You see, asking for donations, on one hand can potentially help raise the target amount quite quickly. But on the other, it seems like an easy way out. I mean if generosity of people is so easy to come by, then there will be no business case for a medical insurance company. Every time when one needs money for medical purpose, people then respond positively to a donation drive. It is an ideal solution. But somehow I don’t feel comfortable about taking money from others if I feel that I have not exhausted my options. I don’t suppose I want to see my friend be burdened by a back breaking kind of debt, and be unduly stressed financially, on top of the worries that come with his daughter’s operation. But I guess I am one of those who are not very good at receiving (well not that I am very good at giving either). Hmm…

Wood mouse in our flat

About a week ago, a mouse sneaked into our kitchen while I was cooking, having left the kitchen door opened. Thought I’ve chased the mouse away, as I could not see where else could it have gone, that same night W heard mouse crawling noise in our kitchen. We tried searching it out, but nothing was found. So I left a few small pieces of cheese on the floor overnight to see if there really is a mouse hiding in our flat. To our “relief”, the cheese were still on the floor when we woke up.But that night, I myself heard noise in the kitchen when we were about to go to bed. After clearing up our kitchen for a bit, we still couldn’t find the little creature once again. Feeling challenged, I went to B&Q the next day to buy a live mouse trap. Now equipped with a mouse trap, I happily put in a piece of bread with some peanut butter as bait. After two days of waiting, nope, mouse was no where to be seen, and we did not hear anything too. So we concluded that the mouse must have left our flat. Then yesterday I found a small hole in the new bag of bird seeds I just bought! Some of the bird seeds were scattered on the bottom of the shelf where I keep the bird seeds, and some of them even found its way into my tool box!Looks like my bait was no good. Seeing that the mouse seem to like my bird seeds, I put a good amount of the seeds into the trap, together with some ground nuts, and oh yes freshly roasted cashew nuts too 🙂 I was quietly confident we will get the mouse this time, but W was still a bit sceptical on whether the mouse trap with such tiny entrance would work, and was considering buying some strong glue instead to encircle the bait. The use of so called “ox skin” glue to catch rats is common practice in Malaysia, with fried squid or salted fish being used as bait 🙂 These baits give out such strong smell that even rats located miles away might also be just about attracted to the trap, let alone those in the house!As expected, we heard the mouse wandering around in our kitchen again. But we let it have all the freedom it wants this time. The next morning, W woke up earlier than me. She heard something moving in the trap box. Yes, we got the mouse! It is tiny! It does not like a house mouse we have seen attacking our bird feeder in our backyard last year. It’s actually a wood mouse. So cute 🙂

Wood mouse in a trapWood mouse in a trap

Poor little wood mouse must have been feeling rather stressed inside the trap. I would love to release the mouse from the trap quickly, but I really don’t want it to sneak into my flat again. In fact we just found out that this naughty mouse has also put a hole in our bag of rice! How annoying. So I brought it to the woodlands in the university area, which is not too far away from where we live. That silly mouse initially wouldn’t come out from the trap after I opened it. Not until I started making some squeaky noise to attract its attention to look the other way towards the open woodlands area that it started half running and hoping away into the woodlands 🙂

An interview that makes you feel real

Fernando Torres

This is a lovely account of Fernando Torres which reveals a lot about him as a person. Such a short interview, but it has more substance than countless biographies, of footballers, “celebrities” etc, that have been released into the market recently. Shame on some of these people, who are already very rich yet still want to cash in for more.Some of the stuff he told the journalist, like “(mum) taking me to and from training: every day..did it at eight in the morning and again at six in the evening, just to make her son happy”, “Life’s about the little things..sometimes ten minutes with my dogs can mean as much to me as playing in a big game of football”, “places where the people are exploited, where they have next to nothing..are always those who are willing to give the most”, “in these places, devoid of material things and the envy that we obsess about in our world, I’ve found the people are so generous and prepared to share everything”, really do sound like they are coming from a person who is not afraid to open up his heart and share his thoughts isn’t it? What a breath of fresh air, considering that there are so many egoistical footballers or personalities around nowadays. Life will be so much more pleasant if there are more people like Torres, and that wealth can be distributed more evenly around the world…

Only God will remove me!

Save Zimbabwe from Mugabe

“Only God will remove me!”, declared Robert Mugabe. It’s sad to see what’s happening in Zimbabwe. What used to be a booming country is now a living hell. Inflation thousands percent, people living on food aid. The people of Zimbabwe want a change in regime, yet Mugabe still want to remain in power. He seems to still cling on to the idea that he has saved Zimbabwe from colonialism, from the British, and that he has given the land back to their own people. But doesn’t he know that he or his government has done an incredibly poor job since then, perhaps more harm than good to his country and his fellow countrymen? In fact I suspect that he has done so much evil that he’s afraid that he’ll face hell once he lost his power.If there is any chance that there will be a change in regime, it is the African leaders, most of all Thabo Mbeki, who hold the key. Even Mugabe cannot cling to power without their cooperation. Avaaz is launching an emergency campaign, petitioning these leaders to call an immediate summit, isolate Mugabe, and broker a legitimate government for Zimbabwe. The call will be published in big newspaper advertisements in South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, and Mozambique this week — click here to see the ads and endorse their message.Zimbabwe’s neighbours supply its electricity and goods, and control the borders. Many Southern African leaders are already calling for the postponement of the election — but there’s a real danger that they will end up accepting this charade. This would be a grave miscalculation: if Mugabe succeeds in his de facto coup, Zimbabwe’s implosion will accelerate, and chaos could spread throughout the region.The campaign will publicly name those African leaders who hold Mugabe’s last remaining lifeline. If these leaders step up strongly now, they can convince enough of Mugabe’s officials that change is coming one way or another — and set the stage for Morgan Tsvangirai to lead a unity government to pull Zimbabwe back together. Let’s give the people of Zimbabwe some much needed hope…

Year of Rat

Helped my dad to clean and tidy the house this morning. It is Chinese New Year tomorrow. I think it is a tradition to clean the house, wear new clothes to welcome the new year. While we were tidying and storing stuff into what used to be a dog hut, my dad found a rat hiding in a paper box which is carrying a fire extinguisher. Dad then used a large plastic bag, wrapped the whole box in it, waited for the rat to emerge from the box and then killed it using a wooden stick. Actually not quite, my dad has to also step on it once to finally finish it off. I feel bad, although I did suggest my dad to let the rat go. In fact I’m the one to pass my dad the wooden stick when I was asked to find one! Guess my dad still has too much authority over me.I remember saying to myself that “Ratatouille” is one of the best animation movies around after watching it on my flight back to Malaysia. And I think Disney movies are great, which I haven’t really appreciated until now, as they have the magical power to make people, especially kids, love and appreciate animals, due to the animations that make animals look so cute and adorable. However here I am ended up helping my dad killed one of these little animals. Shame on me.To make matter worse, I found out later on in the afternoon that it’s the year of Rat this coming year. What a bizarre experience, to have killed a rat on the eve of year of Rat. Damn, I really don’t like what that has just happened today!

Jamie’s Fowl Dinners

Despite Jamie Oliver’s effort in promoting better quality school lunch in Britain, I still don’t think I like his TV programmes, or perhaps more precisely his image or his personality. It’s a strange one, as I seldom dislike someone. “Jamie’s Fowl Dinners” seems to be yet another of his “stunt”, this time to raise consumers awareness on the eggs or chickens they buy from supermarkets. To be fair, the programme is quite informational. It shows the poor conditions the chickens have to endure throughout their life, particularly those that are caged. You can almost see the chickens are happier if they are free-range. But what strikes me is his effort to try and tell the audience of the poor fate of the chickens, where they are ultimately slaughtered, chopped into separate parts for selling, with their carcasses compressed for sausages etc, yet he’s not willing to stop eating these poor chickens. I find his action rather contradictory, don’t you think? What a poor message to send out to the audience. W pointed out that he’s done something similar before as well, telling people, in the capacity as a Sainsbury spokesperson, that farmed salmon is healthy yet not serving them in his own restaurant. Hypocrite?

Veggie based diet

I have a colleague who becomes vegetarian because he believes that a meat based diet is not as efficient as a veggie based diet. That was the first time I heard of such perspective. It is certainly very interesting, but I didn’t look any further into it, perhaps mainly because I am already a vegetarian, although from a different perspective. What I hadn’t realise, until recently, was it is possible to feed the whole world, with the current produce, if everyone goes on a veggie based diet. Here are some good information fromViva!.Talk to different people, you get different views about becoming vegetarian. Some coming from nations where cooking and eating good food are joy of their life, taking up veggie based diet is just unattractive, with so much less options. Some believe that their teeth formation do not suggest that they should turn vegetarian. Some think it is more efficient for the animals to digest the “plants” for them, so they can get a “condensed” version of protein easily from meat.Rupert Everett, who starred in “The Importance of Being Earnest“, recently appeared on a cooking show and explained why he turns vegetarian when asked by the host. According to him, he once brought his dog, which he loves, for a walk in the mountain when he was in Switzerland some time ago. While taking a rest, sitting down in a field, he suddenly found himself surrounded by curious cows. It then became a routine for him taking up such walk to the field, as he found himself in love with the experience. The realisation that he loves the cows, as much as his dog, became the reason for him turning vegetarian. Perhaps it requires one or a series of special experience before people will consider taking up a more veggie based diet…