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Cooking popcorn at home

If you have not tried cooking popcorn before, you definitely should try it. Interestingly, we got this idea from watching a home cooking show called Nigella Express, which we were attracted to by the criticisms the programme was subjected to. And we wanted to see if Nigella Lawson is really that flirtatious, after watching a lousy but hilarious impression performed by a guy in Graham Norton’s show (yes she does look rather flirtatious, but she certainly has not been squeezing her breasts every now and then :)) Anyway we just cooked our popcorn using her recipe, and it was quite fun. We used a big pan with a transparent glass lid, so we actually could see the popcorn pop! And W was amazed, to my amusement :)Interesting observation: it’s actually the crystallised or solidified sugar on the popcorn that makes them crunchier!