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Winter blues

It’s that season of the year that I dreaded most, again. Born in a tropical country, I had never have to deal with the consequences of not getting enough sunshine, until I came to the UK. Initially I thought I was just being homesick but soon I realised that I was suffering from seasonal affective disorder. There was no explanation for the sudden change in my mood and the whole world seemed gloomy and depressed. It is really hard to explain how it feels like except that it is almost painful and the days (or rather nights) seem like the end of the world.It has been a lot better since marrying C because he keeps me company all the time. But the depression is still there. I have tried to do more outdoor activities with the few hours of sun during the weekends and it seems to help. I have been complaining more often than not about quiting my job. I am not sure whether this is due to me not liking what I do or the depression. I just can’t wait for winter to be over but it is just the beginning. And the winter so far has been comparatively lacking of sunshine.

Tiring life

Yes, I know it’s been a long long while and I make no excuses for not writing more often. But work has been rather hectic. I am approaching my 1st anniversary with my current employer. For the records, I have never worked with any employer for more than a year and I look forward to establishing a better employment history.I am not sure whether it’s the winter or the very fact that I am leading a tiring life that depresses me. My daily routine of being in the office (except weekends of course!) seems to make me feel dispirited more than ever.I don’t know how many working adults out there moan about not having enough time to do other things besides working. Honestly, I have great plans for the weekends every Wednesday. However, by the time Friday comes, I will be so exhausted that all I want to do is to take a rest at home and yet, it seems that no matter how much time I spend resting, it’s never enough.So my dilemma is whether I should do more activities every weekend and end up moaning about not getting proper rest or take more rests and still feeling lethargic.In any case, I have planned to attend a yoga lesson this weekend and hope that it’s a good start to having a more balanced lifestyle.

Winter blues

I can’t help but to feel rather depressed when I had to change my summer duvet to a winter duvet last week. I have been trying to convince myself to look further than the winter but then, hey, the winter hasn’t even started! And I am already suffering the blues!Autumn seems to set in really quickly this year. Last year we had a warm November and people were still wearing shorts. I remember boasting about playing tennis in the open late autumn and not having to turn on the heater till late November. That was definitely the most bearable winter I had.I am not so positive about this year though. I had to turn on the heater last weekend and spent on an electric blanket to cheer up myself that winter isn’t too bad after all. Talking about electric blanket, I will definitely rate it as one of the greatest invention after a breadmaking machine 🙂 There’s nothing more cosy than crawling yourself into a warm bed during the winter. I still remember the dark times when I had to warm the bed using my body generated heat! It’s just not right!If there is one thing that I should cherish about winter, it’s the fact that I can start wearing my boots which have been gathering dusts in the shoe shelves for the past few months. Perhaps it is almost time to invest in another pair too!