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An interview that makes you feel real

Fernando Torres

This is a lovely account of Fernando Torres which reveals a lot about him as a person. Such a short interview, but it has more substance than countless biographies, of footballers, “celebrities” etc, that have been released into the market recently. Shame on some of these people, who are already very rich yet still want to cash in for more.Some of the stuff he told the journalist, like “(mum) taking me to and from training: every day..did it at eight in the morning and again at six in the evening, just to make her son happy”, “Life’s about the little things..sometimes ten minutes with my dogs can mean as much to me as playing in a big game of football”, “places where the people are exploited, where they have next to nothing..are always those who are willing to give the most”, “in these places, devoid of material things and the envy that we obsess about in our world, I’ve found the people are so generous and prepared to share everything”, really do sound like they are coming from a person who is not afraid to open up his heart and share his thoughts isn’t it? What a breath of fresh air, considering that there are so many egoistical footballers or personalities around nowadays. Life will be so much more pleasant if there are more people like Torres, and that wealth can be distributed more evenly around the world…

England qualifier against Croatia

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I always have a feeling that England might screw this game, which will decide whether England qualify for Euro 2008. 13 minutes played, and England are 2-0 down! Who’d have predicted this. Just shows anything can happen in football. I’m not England’s biggest fan, but IF they did not qualify I’m afraid that I will have a lot less games to watch come next year during the European championship! NO!!!!

Mixed feelings to Spain

Guess we spent one day too many in Seville. I’ve not been to Spain, but based on what I saw there I think it has to rank lowest on the list of European countries I’ve been to. It’s surprisingly expensive, for the kind of food we don’t enjoy. Apart from tapas and paella I can’t really think of other food that are particularly Spainish. Anyway a lot money were spent eating these crap. Salads are not appetising. They typically come with pickled asparagus, green tomatoes and lettuce. The city is very touristy and yet nobody knows how to speak some English. Very disappointing.One of the highlights was catching a glimpse of some of the world’s best football players in the world at the Seville airport on the we arrived! The Real Madrid team arrived while we were around hiring a car. Can you imagine, I was within touching distance of current world player of the year Fabio Cannavaro, Raul Gonzalez, Ruud van Nisterooy and Iker Casillas! Unbelievable. Will post some photos when I’m home. Am about to arrive at Reading train station now.

Jose Mourinho

Jose MourinhoSometimes I really do wonder if other Premier League football managers take Jose Mourinho’s words seriously. I mean, it is obvious that Mourinho’s English is not fantastic, and that he likes to take a swipe at his opponents whenever he has the opportunities. But with his limited vocabulary, it is less apparent whether his words can produce the impact he is after. To those who are being attacked by him, he may really sound very rude. But to other non-related people, don’t you think he’s just like a comedian? Sometimes you just have to adore him for bringing such entertainment off the pitch. I’m sure, Premiership will be less interesting next year should he decides to leave Chelsea end of this season.- Mourinho on Man United and Arsenal


LFC Watched Liverpool kicked start their season this afternoon. It was a disappointing afternoon. Against a newly promoted team, Sheffield United, Liverpool, although not with their best eleven, should have enough quality to have won the game. The first half was awful. Before the match, I was all excited, and so looking forward to the start of the season, as I genuinely, despite the setback today, believe that Liverpool finally have the squad to win the title this year, after surrendering the crown for 16 years. But the team was playing so poorly in the first half that my emotions slowly swung from excitement to anger, angry at a team I’ve supported half my life and which I’m so passionate about.Such is the danger of having expectation of anything, especially high expectation. Actually, football game is a bad example to talk about expectation (but I am going to do that anyway). In this modern time, football is a crazy game, too much money is involved. Fans have to pay ridiculous amount of money to watch a game at the stadium and players are earning a lot of money, from ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorship etc. There you go, I pay to watch, you perform, that’s the mentality most fans have. That’s hardly surprising really, as we are all brought up to expect certain level of service from things we pay for, from the electronics we buy with warranty to the service we can expect to get from eating in McDonalds.Take away the money, and you can see that it becomes difficult for fans to have the same level of expectation from the team. As with all competitive game, the players want their team to win, which is the goal of the game, to win. If they try to play it differently, then they are not playing the game. Ok, without the money, some fans still have a lot of expectation from their team, particulary one with an illustrious tradition of winning trophies like Liverpool 🙂 Now what? Think I’ll continue later, gotta go out 🙂