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Buying our own house in Ipoh

Just placed a small deposit for a new house. Looks like we are finally getting on the proper ladder in Ipoh. Well, in about two years time actually because the house will only be ready by end of 2017 LOL. Considering how much property value has shot up in the recent 5-10 years, I thought we might never be able to buy anything decent in the short term, i.e. in areas we are interested in yet we can afford.

Shared swimming pool

We are quite pleased with the housing concept that we are buying into. It is like a town house concept, not so different from the house we have lived in in the UK. But these houses are more standalone, as residents don’t need to share the house, e.g. with one resident on the ground floor and another occupying the floors upstairs. And this has additional facilities like a swimming pool, shared amongst residents living in the gated and guarded area. The lot that we are buying shares a communal garden too, with residents between two rows of houses.

Communal garden

It is a good concept, as it can help forge community ties, which is increasingly lacking in modern society. Of course this is based on assumption that other residents are good going people, which I hope they are, as otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in such housing concept in the first place would they?

We are getting a corner lot so we’ll have some land on the side. Not sure what we are going to do with the space yet, but perhaps can grow some herbs and vegetables. We’ll definitely need to keep the grass in check. I do love a nice patch of grass in my garden. But I found that it is bloody difficult to keep the weeds out, especially when we have weeds growing wild in our neighbours’ house! Hopefully it is not the case at the new place.

Looking forward to the new house. Immediate concern now however is to get loan approval from banks to finance our house…’doh!

Entrance into Springfields Residence

Avoid Berkshire Appliances for repair work

Okay think I’ve given Berkshire Appliances enough time to get back to me to explain why he stood me up yesterday. I left voice mail, called couple of times, both his mobile as well as the landline number on his website. Nope, he didn’t bother. I’m not going to bother and post this negative review of the service I received too. To be fair he sounded like he’s quite competent when I phoned him up. But it is of no use if you are not reliable and waste customers’ time. Not everyone can afford to sit at home and wait for you to turn up to do a job. I had to wake up real early in the morning so I could get off work early to make the appointment. It would have been nice he phoned and be apologetic about his absence, for whatever reason. But nope, absolutely nothing from him since. All these talks of economic recession and unemployment, don’t seem to affect these repairmen. With attitude like this I really don’t mind him going out of work.

DAP’s rally at SS2

Looking at the crowds, the support given to Ms Fong Po Kuan, and the speech given by her, slowly and clearly in Cantonese and English to reach all audience, I got a bit emotional. Malaysia really need someone like her, and we Malaysians should be thankful for having such a passionate fellow Malaysian who is willing to get her sleeves up and do the dirty work for the citizens.Election is today, Malaysia time…

Year of Rat

Helped my dad to clean and tidy the house this morning. It is Chinese New Year tomorrow. I think it is a tradition to clean the house, wear new clothes to welcome the new year. While we were tidying and storing stuff into what used to be a dog hut, my dad found a rat hiding in a paper box which is carrying a fire extinguisher. Dad then used a large plastic bag, wrapped the whole box in it, waited for the rat to emerge from the box and then killed it using a wooden stick. Actually not quite, my dad has to also step on it once to finally finish it off. I feel bad, although I did suggest my dad to let the rat go. In fact I’m the one to pass my dad the wooden stick when I was asked to find one! Guess my dad still has too much authority over me.I remember saying to myself that “Ratatouille” is one of the best animation movies around after watching it on my flight back to Malaysia. And I think Disney movies are great, which I haven’t really appreciated until now, as they have the magical power to make people, especially kids, love and appreciate animals, due to the animations that make animals look so cute and adorable. However here I am ended up helping my dad killed one of these little animals. Shame on me.To make matter worse, I found out later on in the afternoon that it’s the year of Rat this coming year. What a bizarre experience, to have killed a rat on the eve of year of Rat. Damn, I really don’t like what that has just happened today!

Home sick

After a week of rather intense skiing, I’m glad that I’m back home again. Just feel very tired after all the travelling and skiing. In fact we went into a deep coma of more than 12 hours yersterday! Every now and then during our trip, I was worried my flat might be broken into, missed the Robin bird that comes visit our flat for food (just found out that the Robin has found himself a partner already, hurray!), wanted to find out if our fish are doing okay, and we even missed our soft-toy dogs! 🙂 Think I start to understand why my mum misses her home so much after just a couple of days away from home. Particularly when you have living things in your house. As our friend has commented before, keeping pet fish is one of the most involving hobbies. In a way, unlike cats or dogs, you can’t really send the whole tank of fish to your friend’s house when you are away. If you are away for more than a few weeks, you will need somebody to come change the water in the tank. Because of this tank of fish, we have asked our friend to come house-sit before! Anyway I’m quite glad we have a place we can call home.Last but not the least, Happy New Year to everyone!


Colleagues are surprised to see me turning up at work earlier than them these few days. I feel good in the morning as well, and have no difficulty waking up. Maybe I really should make this a habit, to sleep early and wake up early. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve told myself this. It always ended up that I couldn’t wake up early, or more precisely, couldn’t get out of my bed. Whether it’s warmer in bed, not enough hours clocked, or whatever reasons, I just have the tendency to stay in bed until I absolutely need to wake up.SleepyAt the moment the jet-lagged I’m still “suffering” from the trip back to Malaysia is serving me good. In such a way that, without requiring much effort, it is already agonisingly difficult for me to open my eyes at around 10pm. Hope that I can get into this sleep cycle routine this time, for good.