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I’m hooked to the Internet

Bar in Heathrow Terminal 1, by arctanck

It’s incredible to think about it now that we can get access to the information almost anytime anywhere. Before iPhone it was still a pain in the arse. And iPhone has really exceeded my expectations. Today I was still able to use MSN to keep in touch with W while I was waiting for a coach to the airport. And I can make free phone calls using Skype via the free wifi service provided by the coach. Now as I am waiting at the airport for my flight, I made another free call to my brother in Malaysia, who is incidentally using iPhone too. Then of course I’m blogging here in the meantime too. On top of that I can check my Facebook to see what my friends are currently doing on Christmas eve. Enough said, and I think I can spend a lot of time on my iPhone! Merry Christmas all!

iPhone 3GS

Wow, what can I say. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything that makes me feel like a smug 🙂 The user-friendliness of this Apple product is beyond my belief. Perhaps it is also to do with me not having owned any Apple product before. I mean I have played with the previous generations of iPhone before in phone shop. But still, I’m in awe. I used to worry that I might not feel comfortable using the phone because my fingers can sweat a lot. I thought about buying a Blackberry before. But when I know that they now have landscape keyboard, like the one shown on the picture, it becomes very clear that I have to go for the iPhone. I must say that typing is easier for me on the iPhone than on the Blackberry. When I’m used to touch typing I’m confident that I can type very fast on the landscape keyboard.

I always like the idea of being able to check emails and Internet information on the go. And I like to be able to easily type in web address or reply an email. So I’m really satisfied that it can allow me to do that, and surprisingly effortlessly. And an important added feature for me is the GPS map. The other day we drove down to London and we haven’t got maps with us. It was really useful to be able to locate ourselves and navigate around in London using Google maps on the phone. Amazing.When I have chosen the white colour iPhone, I was somewhat worried that my phone may really get cooked and gives me yellowish ring on white casing. But after using it for about a week, I think overheating is a rather exaggerated issue. I guess unless you absolutely run everything at the same time, i.e. 3g, Wi-Fi, ipod, GPS together. Otherwise I don’t see based on my usage it is going to get that hot.Battery seems to be a real issue though. As the battery energy is drained rather quickly on this iPhone that I have to charge it once a day. Unless I’ve not been using the net at all, and just for phone calls. But this defeats the whole purpose of owning the phone and getting that all inclusive unlimited data usage plan doesn’t it? :)I’ve had a look at how to optimise the lifespan of the battery from the Apple website and it seems that the best thing to do is to switch off the Wi-Fi interface when not in use and stop it from fetching emails too frequently or being pushed emails automatically. Allowing the Wi-Fi to listen all the time can drain as much energy as transmitting. So remember to switch that off.I’m a new Apple convert and by the look of it there will be many more following soon 🙂