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Home alone

W has just taken off to Paris to meet up with her friends who are coming to Europe with AirAsia from Malaysia. Not the inaugural flight, but now that I think about it, still among the earliest! We’ll be flying with AirAsia too in a few months time, hope they can maintain their standard!Anyway that means I’ll be home alone for a few days, woohoo! 🙂 Well nothing to be too excited about really, as I’ve been tasked to continue cleaning and tidying up our flat, as her friends will be staying over in our humble abode after they have “gatecrashed” Paris and Brussel. But before that I’ll be making my way to the pub, again (after playing Werewolf yesterday with my colleagues for Comic Relief), to watch this season make-or-break match for Liverpool. Damn I’m anxious. Will see what I’ll do after that match, as my mood will very much depend on the outcome of that game. It’s so unnecessary I know, but there’s so much at stake! Come on Liverpool!