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The ideal job

If you are a working wife, is finding the right job just as important as finding the right husband? I have spent the past four years working for four different companies none of which I truly liked. Yet, here I am still struggling on. I know that I never really like working soon after I graduated from university. I prefer engaging myself in intellectual conversations or sometime in not so intellectual activities. I like to have freedom to do what I want at any point in time without having to account for my actions.May be this is to do with my discipline. But I never really had any disciplinary problems in my life. In fact so much so that I wished I had more fun. May be this is really about not finding the right job. A lot of other factors can affect how you like your job, like your immediate boss, your co-workers, your salary and benefits etc etc. Which makes me wonder whether there is ever anyone who likes what they do disregarding all the above factors. But with a plethora of choices available, some people like myself have become more and more picky that we may never find any employment that we will enjoy.


I just read an article on Marie Claire by chance today about ‘salties’. Funny term it seems, but not related to the seasoning that you sprinkle on your food. Apparently Britain’s divorce rates is one of the highest in Europe, four in every ten marriages end up in a divorce. Salty is apparently the new term for single woman who just ended a long term relationship.Sometimes I wonder what happened to this society that people don’t seem to know how to love anymore. I am still in a very young marriage life myself and reading about all these statistics doesn’t project a positive image. May be people are becoming more complicated in their thinking, may be they simply don’t know what they want. But beyond doubt, temptations are a lot more rampant and choices are a lot more widespread. And that could be one of the many reasons for the high rate of separation, or it may be completely irrelevant.In today’s society, everybody advocates the importance of having choices in life. When you buy something on the high street, you don’t have to stick to it, you have a choice even after you pay for the item, whether to keep it or to return it. Being married means you have to be equally responsible to yourself and your partner. It’s not like shopping, when you can purchase first and decide later. Perhaps it is difficult to commit to a decision for a lifetime, when in everyday life, we are so used to having choices and backing out of our decisions. We know that if all things fail, we’ll just sign some papers and you’ll be back to your singlehood. But is it really that simple? It may mean that you don’t even want to walk down the aisle of the church again because you know somewhere at the back of your mind that it may be another failure. After all, it happened before.However, given that we should hopefully marry once in our lifetime, how do we know we have made the right decision? Should we have a bit more ‘practice’? It’s ironic that the most important decision can only be made once without proper lessons and training, when training and guidance are everywhere helping people make decisions in everyday chores.Just a thought and I hope that all married couples stay happily married forever.