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Stephen Chow

The other day I was looking around on the LOVEFiLM website to see what DVD I can rent. I was amazed to see that quite a number of the British also found Stephen Chow’s movies very entertaining. It is quite fun reading reviews from people who don’t actually know Cantonese yet can “fully” appreciate his movies. This is my favourite scene in Shaolin Soccer.I still can’t stop laughing everytime I watch this ๐Ÿ™‚ Pure genius. In fact I started watching his old TVB series back in the 80’s, which I haven’t the priviledge to watch all the episodes due to tight parenting back then, when I was still a school boy. ๅญ–ไป”ๅญ–ๅฟƒ่‚ is one I’ve been watching at the moment on tudou.com. Stephen Chow is just incredibly funny, even though that was him 20 years ago!