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Our new website for healthier kidneys

Life events can be quite interesting. My father-in-law initially started out invented a new way of grinding grains into powder form, and then selling them as nutrition food for those who are health conscious. Interestingly, after selling them for years now, it turns out that they are an invaluable source of nutrition for patients who are suffering from kidney problems! Yes patients, not just those who are alive and kicking. And what I found it most incredible is there are success stories, more and more as well, where patients no longer have to go for kidney transplants or the expensive kidney dialysis.As a kid I always heard about horror stories, from my mum as well, of having to go for kidney dialysis if I don’t drink enough water etc. If patients are given a choice I think they most definitely would not want to go through such process. So if you don’t want to suffer from such kidney problems then remember to take care of your kidneys.I mean I was quite sceptical as well when I heard that the nutrition food is that effective, thinking that it may be just a one-off thing for a certain patient with a certain condition. But recently we have a tour guide in Malaysia who is supposed to go for kidney transplants end of this month. So we thought why not introduce him the nutrition food. To be honest at the time we don’t know how severe is his condition, but kidney transplant does sound like the last resort doesn’t it? So we do not harbour much hope of him trying the nutrition food out, and we do not want to make things worse either, although W’s father claims that he has seen patients in worse conditions having recovered after taking in his nutrition food for 20 days 🙂 Anyway our tour guide has made a decision to postpone his kidney operation. From what we heard, he is feeling better now that he has started taking in the nutrition food, to our delights.Doctors are very good at curing symptoms. But what people often forget is they are what they eat. If we can change our diet and eat good nutritional food, we really cannot underestimate the impact they have on our body and general wellness. As is the case here, where kidneys are resurrected, although not quite there yet for the tour guide we know, by taking in natural food. We’ll keep you posted on our new website at www.kidneynutritiondiet.com. And please do not hesitate to let us know if you have friends or families who are suffering from kidney problems. We’d very much like to help the best we can.