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A tested way of reducing cholesterol

In February 2008, C and I went to our local clinic for blood tests just for general check-ups. We didn’t expect anything amiss as we are both healthy and exercise regularly, especially C. When the results came back, everything seemed normal except our cholesterol levels which were on borderline high, around 5mmol/l for C and 5.2mmol/l for me. It threw us back a little as we eat very healthily. I mean, we almost follow the book in terms of what the so-called health experts have been advocating.So, after speaking to the doctor, we thought may be it was because of the number of eggs we have been taking to compensate for not eating meat, or rare meat consumption in C’s case. Since getting my test results, I was determined to do something about this. I reduced my eggs consumption and really put in extra efforts when it comes to my diet. I also started eating oat porridge for breakfasts as they claimed that oat porridge is proven to lower cholesterol. C couldn’t be bothered to cook porridge every morning, he continued his routine cereal with milk for breakfasts.17 months went past and we hardly noticed how long it had been. We went for another blood test as a general check-up. I was very anxious to know the results as I thought that if my cholesterol level didn’t lower, that would be it. It would probably be my gene that is the vice and in which case, there is nothing that I could do about it. My mum also has slightly high cholesterol so that kind of explained why I thought my case was genetically linked. C’s whole family has high cholesterol except one. So, it was even less surprising in his case although he is fit and healthy and exercises at least 3 days a week.The long awaited minute arrived. C got his results first, it was no better. In fact, his cholesterol level had gone up to 5.2mmol/l from 5.0. I was so bitterly disappointed as I thought my result would probably be the same given that we eat almost the same food. Then the doctor showed me my result and I was pleasantly surprised that my cholesterol level had dropped to 4.6mmol/l! This is excellent news! We couldn’t quite figure why our results could be so different at first. But after a long hard analysis, by myself of course, C couldn’t be bothered, I thought it must be the oat porridge. It could not possibly have been anything else.I only wanted to share this experience with anyone who is struggling with their cholesterol levels. Give oat porridge a try, and I do mean at least 5 days a week. I am a strong believer in healing through diet instead of taking medication, which merely suppresses the symptoms.