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A midsummer night’s dream

We went to see A midsummer night’s dream about two weeks ago at an open air theatre near our flat. It’s absolutely brilliant! The venue is actually a protected ruin site and the atmosphere was just so amazing. It would have been the perfect night if it wasn’t so chilly. But I should not complain because the rain only stopped minutes before the play, so it could be worse.I was not expecting anything but the play was just so entertaining and light-hearted. The perfect play for summer. We had such a good laugh and totally enjoyed ourselves. It is one the most enjoyable Shakespeare’s play that I’ve ever seen and even C who is not usually into plays found it delightful.Sometimes, it really doesn’t take a lot to engage in more meaningful activities. Although what is meaningful to one may not be for others, it’s all relative. But it is such a good play that I think I would highly recommend to anyone.