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Groceries packaging

The other day we bought some ready-meals and some groceries. In just one day our bin was filled with an entire plastic bag of rubbish, almost all from packaging, it’s unreal. Most of the time we cook from fresh produce, so it really hit home to see so much waste coming from our everyday consumption of food. My friend is right to point out that nowadays people are so involved in working like a slave to earn a “good” living that they haven’t realised that a lot of what they earn are use to pay for things and services we don’t really need. Let’s face it, apart of the basic human needs of food and shelter, the rest are one of those things that are just good to have, not really necessary. In order to appear attractive, clean and convenient, some companies have a separate department that focus on how to package and market their products. Everything is so value driven that it now gets to a point where it is ridiculous, because the world is becoming so efficient by the year that a lot of the so called “values” are created to merely keep people employed. People thus have to work harder and harder to pay for others to do simple things that they could have done themselves in the old days and luxury items that we hardly ever need! The world has certainly seen a lot of progress, technology wise, standard of living, with better healthcare etc. But our way of life, particularly the Western way of life, is in need of serious comtemplation.

Coffee grounds keep slugs and snails away?

Got two bags of coffee grounds for free from Starbucks to be used as organic fertiliser for my garden. But apparently they are also good for keeping slugs and snails away from plants, according to that branch of Starbucks. Brilliant, if that is true, as the bloody slugs in my garden have devoured quite a few of the Marigold plants we planted this Spring already. I have tried using beer to attract slugs into a trap with good effect a couple of weeks ago. But looks like the slugs are coming back with a vengeance once again. Really annoying. Weather has not been good already recently, has been raining for most part of the week, hence have not been able to keep a hawk eye on my plants. Looks like I’ll have to get some beers again, ho ho ho.An interesting observation when I cycled home recently. Saw quite a few snails crossing the cycle path after rain on a few occasions. Fair enough, snails prefer to crawl on wet surface. But makes me wonder why they bother to cross, to the opposite side which in my opinion is essentially the same. Furthermore, it’s a “long” way for them, and it’s dangerous! 🙂

Compost bin

Compost bin

Ordered a compost bin three weeks ago, yet it’s still not arrived. Have considered buying a wormery like this one, but now looking at it again I also couldn’t quite remember why I’ve gone for the wooden compost bin. I thought it was too expensive, but looks like they are actually about the same price! Anyway I think the wooden compost bin will look much nicer at one corner of my backyard (in fact I’ve done some measurements to make sure that it will fit nicely at the corner!), with a more environmental friendly look as well don’t you think 🙂 And I suppose I can always throw in some garden worms to help decompose the stuff if I want to?! The idea is we’d also like to recycle some of our food waste.

Think I remember why I didn’t go for the wormery now as I thought it is unlikely that we’ll be recycling meat waste and a “normal” compost bin will do. Oh god my memory is getting worse!

Going green, is it worth it?

I am reading the New Scientist magazine and there are yet several more articles on climate change. One of the article raised the question that most of us would probably have considered at one point. Does it make a difference whether I walk or drive? Or if I leave my tv and computers on standby rather than unplugging the power? Or if I just “forgot” to recycle? The conclusion, as you might guess, is: of course it does!It may not be significant if one person does it, but if everyone else does, then it would make an enormous contribution towards reducing our carbon footprint. Of course the obstacle is to persuade everyone to change their habits. If only everyone can do their bit and help, then this would probably be the most significant contribution you can make to the society and the future generations.

Can we do something about climate change?

There will be at least three or four articles on climate change when I read the news everyday. There is no debate about climate change. Only fools who want to find excuses to continue their irresponsible actions will argue that there is no climate change.What annoys me most is the nonchalant attitude that a majority of people take when confronted. A cardinal sin that is rampant in the UK is the amount of plastic bags that supermarkets give out to their customers for free every second! Virtually every single store will provide plastic bags for free even if you don’t shop in the store! Some of the more environmentally friendly countries have already started charging customers for plastic bags so that usage of plastic bags is reduced. Why can’t UK supermarkets implement the same policy? It really puzzles me and what is more embarrassing is that UK is one of the least environmentally friendly country in Europe. Fairing worse than some of the developing nations.With all the cheers and support to reduce carbon emissions, they can’t even implement simple and effective measures that will make significant difference to our environment. Most people seem to recognise that it is a problem but make no effort to do their part to save the planet. This is every bit real. It’s not some blockbuster movies that mislead people into thinking that everything will be fine when it is all over.

McDonald’s to run UK delivery fleet on its own used cooking oil

This makes very good sense, if it’s practical to recycle the used cooking oil. It’s greener to use bio-diesel than petroleum-based diesel a fuel source, as burning bio-diesel apparently produces less net carbon dioxide. It’s definitely an option as an alternative fuel source. However once the production of bio-diesel involves clearing more land, particularly the rainforests which serve as major carbon dioxide sink, then it’s probably not that green anymore. The best way is still to cut down energy consumption and recycle whenever possible.


“Do we have to recycle?”, a friend asked my friends, who separate out rubbish into two different bags, one for the usual trash and the other for recycling, in the kitchen. Surely no one is legally obliged to recycle. But to actually ask such a question just shows that there are some people who cannot relate the environment to themselves, and how things interdependent. Do people think that human is center to the universe?Considering the blanket coverage by the media about global warming almost everyday, you’d have thought that civilised people should all be aware of how they play a part in this environment. But I suppose awareness alone is just not good enough. I’ve been taught 10 years ago in school about the importance of protecting the environment, so are most people who attended school I assume. However it’s only until about a year or two ago before I started doing some serious recycling, when W found out that the red bin outside our house is for recyclable stuff.Compared to countries like Germany and Austria, UK is really far behind in terms of their commitment to recycling waste. It’s all so evident. Everywhere you go in these countries, there are always recycling bins alongside the rubbish bin. And the bins are clearly labelled. This just makes it so easy for people to recycle, and so little reason not to!I suppose until there is a convenient and obvious way for people to recycle, it is very unlikely this activity will be adopted by the mass.

Save the earth

Orang Utan

I remember organising a project on ‘greening’ the earth when I was in high school. Although I knew that we should do our bit to recycle as much as we could, I was not able to appreciate the gravity and seriousness of environmental issues. I had been watching some documentaries and tv programmes about numerous threats to the wildlife, extinction of uncountable species, large scale deforestation etc in the past few years. Every time I watch such programmes or come to read an article about environment conservation, it pains me to accept the truth that every damage had been done to ensure the survival of human beings. It may be 10 years too late for me, but possibly 50 years too late for mankind.It is surprising that even in a well-developed country like the Great Britain, a lot of people are rather contented with their current lifestyle and have no intention to do their part to save our environment. Energy consumption is unbelievably high and most people would choose to drive private vehicles when they could have opted for a more environmentally friendly transport.If we carry on living our extravagant lifestyle and have no consideration for our nature whatsoever, it is unsurprising that our children will never be able to see wild tigers, elephants, panda, orang utan etc. I truly think that if everyone puts some thoughts into thinking how they can help conserve the environment and take actions now, we may still be able to salvage what is remaining in time.