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Pride and prejudice

Thus passed the long Easter weekend. It would have been a very fruitless weekend by my usual standards because I have not done much outdoor exercise or any sightseeing at all. However, all was not lost. I spent a good few hours watching the BBC pride and prejudice series and another good few hours reading the book.Before I knew it, it was time to get depressed over the fact that I have to go to work soon. I am not keen on the idea of reading a book twice no matter how much I appreciate it. I had this thinking that if I know the plot, there is not much joy in spending another good few hours reading what you already know. The same goes to films. But I made some exceptions, only very occasionally. It was the second time that I read pride and prejudice although I have been telling everyone how much I love the book. To my amazement, I find that it had been more enjoyable than my first reading. I know the plot and some of the lines, but this time, I was looking out for more subtle things. I didn’t know that I was capable of reading with so much enthusiasm on a second reading. I absolutely adore the story and I am sure most female readers will not contest its likeability. Like most females, I wonder if a real life Mr Darcy exists. I am not a sceptic, but I do think that most men with power, wealth, and good looks are not always the best husbands. Most of the time, they may lack integrity or honesty. In fact, it may even be a universal truth. But I always believe that fairy tales happen in real life but just don’t happen to everyone. For those hopeful females out there, including some of my friends, I hope that they will find their own Mr Darcy but if they don’t, there is no need to be disappointed, because it may only happen to one in a million and you are just part of the majority.

The American way of romance

This is really interesting (you probably need to zoom in to be able to see the text). Looks like the American beauty really do have this kind of mentality when it comes to finding men for dating or for marriage. I always thought it’s just over-exaggeration. Incredible. Unfortunately beauties, in whoever’s eyes, really always do have the advantage when it comes to pulling men, as the outer shell is what men see first, and which is what men are almost instinctively attracted to. So men are said to be shallow because of that, what about these beauties?:)

The virtual world

Do you live your life in the virtual world? I was just discussing with my colleagues about facebook and the likes during our Christmas lunch today. Many people seem to spend a majority of their time living in the virtual world these days. In a way, it is a total revolution as to how people communicate. It takes the pressures off from having to talk to someone face to face or any form of instantaneous communication. However, the drawbacks are that it is so comfortable to hide behind the veil that it has reached a state of beyond control. You can virtually have two lives and one of which you can have absolute freedom as to how you want it to be without any boundaries or moral responsibilities to abide by.If it is merely a form of occasional past time, it may not affect a person’s health. But if you are so hooked up that you spend all your free time living in the virtual world, then it is a worrying sign.I still think that nothing should replace the occasional socials with friends and families to share your joys and sorrows. After all, humans need to live in a real community, not through a machine.

Life and death

Ever since I am 10,000 miles away from home, there is a fear that has been bugging me. This morning, I got a call from my best mate from Singapore. It is not usual and I know something must have happened. It turned out that one of our very close friend’s mum just passed away. I felt very sorry for what had happened but at the same time I was relieved. I am not ready to face matters of life and death yet. I have serious problems handling babies and at the other extreme, I don’t think I can handle if any of my family members passed away.Sometimes I do wonder what truly happens when one dies. Are there really spirits? How do you know for sure if you have not experienced it yourself. I am not a religious person. If I am at all religious, it will only be scientifically religious. That’s probably related to my education background and the fact that I have more questions than all the faiths I ever have in anything. Even when faith exists, it’s based on my past experience and logics. To have so much trusts in something that cannot be proven in any way is, to me, an alien concept.I don’t even know whether I should give my friend a call. I am not particularly good in handling situations like these and I don’t even know what to say. I mean, all I can think of to say is, be strong, take good care. It just sounds so superficial and to be honest, there IS really no best words to use.I can’t help but to relate sickness to our lifestyle. Honestly, it doesn’t cost much to be healthy. Ever since I start taking care of my diet and staying active, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed everyday. All you need is a few fruits and some salad everyday. It doesn’t take much preparation. Well, I have to agree that it may sound bland to some, but with a bit of ideas, it does actually spice up your food and health too! With a bit more time, I will probably share my ideas. But for now, it’s time to take my bubble bath.p/s: You might find some meal ideas at eDiets 🙂