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Weekend trip to Zurich

On the way up Mt Titlis

Went to Zurich for a weekend two weeks ago. Mainly because W won a pair of flight tickets to Zurich through her company’s lucky draw. Very lucky. Would have loved to stay longer, but I have run out of annual leaves. Such a beautiful country. I have been to Switzerland in summer. Love it. Been to Switzerland in winter, also love it, although not particularly a good time for sight-seeing or taking photos. This time it was autumn, love it too. Still plenty of sunshine, and the view from the top of Mt Titlis was just amazing! It must be a lovely place to live in. Full of outdoor activities all seasons, good transportation system and centrally located in Europe. The Swiss are so blessed!

Switzerland photos

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Photos taken during our trip to Switzerland are now available here on Flickr. I’ve finally taken the leapt to upgrade my Flickr account to Flickr Pro, as unknowingly I now have more than 200 photos (a limit I wasn’t aware of) on Flickr and I have to upgrade my account if I want people to be able to see the photos I’ve uploaded previously. Anyway what the heck, $24.95 (a year) is not a lot of money and I really like Flickr as my on-line photo sharing tool. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Yesterday was our first time skiing. Both of us are the only complete beginners who haven’t skied before in our beginners group. And I’m the only one who fell more than anybody else. Quite embarrasing really, although I don’t mind falling down, as it’s not very painful with all the layers of clothes!It wasn’ until we took some risk to try on one of the blue runs that we started to enjoy a little bit more. Today was really good. Finally manage to get a hang on some of the basics. It really does make a difference if you have personal instructor to point you out what’s the right thing to do. We were lucky to have this guy who was willing to teach just the two of us, as our group is rather large and there is a mixture of people with different skiing experiences. W wondered why some of them are even in the beginners group in the first place!There are three more lessons to go. It’ll be interesting to find out how good we get by the end of the whole skiing trip. As it stands I’m already very happy the fact that I finally know how to do some skiing. It is really good fun. Well worth the effort, although it’s really hard work carrying our skis and boots few hundred metres to the skiing area. Especially on the return trip, when you are very likely already knackered after all the skiing. In fact we feel that this is the toughest part of the skiing so far!