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Driving test

Just got news from W. We both passed the practical driving test! You have no idea how the driving test has tortured me in the past. To a point where I’ve given up trying to get a driving license. Until W demanded that I should get a driving license, so I can pick up the kids, and her of course, in the future, drive somewhere for holiday as well la di da. To be honest I’m no big fan of driving. And I’m glad that less people drive nowadays for various reasons, petrol prices for one. Anyway I’m really pleased that both of us have now got this out of our system. Got us worried for a few days.

IQ test

Try this IQ test. Took me a while to figure this out though (I’m not going to tell you how long it took me :).Some background (in case you don’t know Mandarin):A family of six – father, mother, two sons and two daughters – got lost during a hiking trip. To make matter worse, they bumped into a dangerous prisoner who just escaped from the prison. Luckily the prisoner was captured in time by this off-duty policeman who was also hiking around that area. Otherwise the whole family could have been killed by that notorious prisoner. Due to poor reception around the area, none of them could make any mobile phone calls to the outside world. This means that the policeman was also unable to bring in any support…