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Hair cut

Ha, W gave me a hair cut yesterday. Definitely not perfect, far from it, but it is actually respectable! First time round, last week, it took her 2 hours just to get a tiny bit of hair off the back of my head. This time it was about the same time frame, got a lot more cut, and most of all she seemed to have got the technique right. Well close. However the hair on my sides ended up non-symmetrical though. Rather amusing to look at, initially, when I let my hair down 🙂 But it’s okay if I comb my hair back. At least my colleagues have not noticed the flawed hair cut.So W finally got to cut my hair, which she has been yearning for some time, claiming that she has artistic talent and that she knows how to do it, but looks like there are still some work to be done. For example my current hair to begin with 🙂

Taming Robin Part 3: The ultimatum

We are so incredibly happy. Robin finally feeds off my hand, and W’s hand too. But it is down the mealworms route. Yellow cheese doesn’t seem to quite cut it. The mealworms are far more tempting, especially they are live mealworms. I suppose there’s more of an urgency for the robin to risk and pick the food from our hand, as the mealworms can move, and once the mealworms “get away”, that means missed opportunities for the robin. Surely Robin does not want that to happen?! 😉

Another thing we learnt is we need to train the robin to get used to our hand around his food. After we placed the mealworm on the ground, we need to leave our hand there. As soon as he learns that our hand is not a threat to him, he’s no longer shy to pick mealworm from our hand. In fact he’s prepared to come very close to us for food now, rather than us going close to him to feed him. Fabulous, we have our first tame robin! :)We had so much fun feeding and taking pictures of the robin yesterday. I thought I’ve bought too much mealworms, which came in a box from a local pet shop. But I obviously forgot that I’m feeding the whole family rather than just the one robin! I think we’ve fed around 30 mealworms yesterday alone, morning and evening. And that was not including the yellow cheese we put out as well!

Robin and mealworms 1
Robin and mealworms 2

Tame Robin, by arctanck

Taming Robin Part 2

Today is the 3rd day I’m taming Robin. As predicted, he is now used to coming to my backyard for food, or more precisely, yellow cheese. But he’s not quite trusting enough to feed off my hand just yet. In parallel, I’m also working on trying to get him familiarised with his name Robin. This is so that he will respond to my call the next time I want to feed him, rather than me having to wait for him all day long. Anyway, I’m really happy so far as I was able to play with him for 3 consecutive evenings already. It is really fascinating to be able to observe the bird in such close range; his movements, the way he looks at things by slightly tilting his head, fur movements on his head and how he puff up his body etc.

Curious Robin, by arctanck

Taming Robin Part 1

This is a rather unexpected exercise. In theory, I’ve sort of learnt from a friend Peter, who is a birding expert, on how to tame a robin months ago. And I’ve longed been wanting to tame one myself. But, as much as I wanted to, I just wasn’t presented with the opportunity. Some very simple reasons are my backyard is very small, often birds are scared away as soon as I open door, and I did not spend enough time in the backyard.

Anyway, I was in the middle of clearing up the backyard yesterday to make room for some gardening this summer. Then this robin, rather fearless in my opinion, flew quite close to where I was working, to my pleasant surprise. The reason it was willing to come so close was presumably because the robin was looking for food around and spotted worms or insects movements on the ground I was working on, despite seeing me holding a big digger 🙂 So happened that we had some cut yellow cheese left around the garden, which were left there for birds, I decided to try my luck and throw a piece of cheese near the robin I named as Robin. To my delight, not only did Robin not react to my throwing movement, but in fact he responded by picking up the cheese I threw him!According to Peter, it usually takes a few days to tame a robin to feed off one’s hand. And the way to tame a robin is to try and get it to come closer and closer to a human for food, to slowly gain the robin’s trust. As Robin seems to have kids to feed, I’m fairly confident that he will be visiting my backyard for food again, especially if I keep the swiss cheese coming. So looks like we are going to have a tame robin very soon!

RobinRobin, by arctanck